Compare Body Back Buddy -vs- Back Nobber II -vs- TheraCane: Which one will work best for me?

As a trigger point or self-massage device, the ideal features would be something lightweight, easy to use, and with the ability to use it anywhere on the body. So the number of points, the positioning of these points and the variety of shapes will all be important. Here is what we found:


Variety of Applications

This criterion looks at how many areas of the body can be treated in various ways. Number, size, and variety of points are taken into consideration.


Ability to Leverage

Essentially, how easy is the tool to use? Looking at comfort, control and focus while applying pressure, and can every area be reached easily?

Specific Treatment Options

Does the device have specific treatments in mind, as well as being a general tool? Or is it a one-size-fits-all-problems type of instrument?


Overview of Features


Back Nobber II


Body Back Buddy

$29.95 $29.95 $29.95
20″ x 10″ 24″ x 15″ 26.5″ x 16″
Dismantles into 2 parts Fixed Fixed
2 therapy points 6 therapy points 11 therapy points
1 point shape 1 point shape 2 point shapes


If you’ve seen lots of tools like this and don’t know which one to get, then talk to someone who has used all three and see what they recommend…


Joni Edmunds DPT


"We’ve used all of these devices in our clinics at various times, and while all three can be useful in reaching those tight spots, we’ve found the Body Back Buddy to be the most versatile, comprehensive, and easy to use. We’ve had clients who have the Back Nobber II or Theracane and after trialing the Body Back Buddy, find it to be superior to the others."


Joni Edmunds DPT Perth Myofascial Release



Interestingly, the BodyBack Buddy is the perfect combination of the Back Nobber II and TheraCane coupling a small hook and a large hook on the same device. The Body Back Buddy has the added advantage of having two opposing handles, not two handles on the same side as in the TheraCane.

This image gives you an easy comparison of the size of each device, dimensions are detailed above:

So how do I use It?

The traditional approach to trigger point massage is to ‘drill’, ‘mash’ or ‘grind’ one area intensely for 30-60 seconds before moving to another trigger point. Based on our experience, all this achieves is to exhaust the pain receptors, provoke a healing inflammatory response, then lay down scar tissue at the site. This often leads to symptoms recurring or worsening when the pain receptors recover. Research is now showing that fascial restrictions (the key ingredient of “trigger-points”) actually require 5-7 minutes of constant, sustained, gentle pressure in order to release fully. So a more effective and longer lasting method of trigger point release would be to apply a light pressure with the Body Back Buddy, and patiently wait. After 3, 4 or 5 minutes you will feel the tissue releasing, the pain easing, and the soreness dissipating. Waiting more than 5 minutes initiates natural healing mechanisms that will ensure the results are more permanent and is ultimately healthier for the tissue.

The Body Back Buddy comes with a full-color instruction booklet, and a detailed guide on self-treatment.