Body Back Buddy™ The ORIGINAL Trigger Point Self Massage Tool

"Love this product. It's a trigger point's worst nightmare." Melissa B. on Facebook
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You may think that the S curve back massager looks a little odd. However, every curve, hook and therapy knob is positioned accurately so you can reach ALL muscles in your body.

"It turns out that your product the Body Back Buddy is an absolute Godsend. I have had upper back and neck pain for years. It is the absolute most wonderful thing." Laura P. on
Ready to take control of your back pain?
  • Use your Body Back Buddy as a deep tissue self-massager for myofascial release
  • Pinpoint back massager reaches all parts of your upper and lower back to treat exactly where you hurt
  • YOU control the pressure is applied with the back knot massager and for how long

Relieve stiff, sore back muscles all on your own at home and on the go.

Even kids can use the Body Back Buddy pinpoint self-massager for the back and any other muscle group in the body all on their own.

Get quick relief of all these paint points!

  • Back (Thoracolumbar Corner)
  • Neck (Suboccipital Muscles)
  • Shoulders (Erector Spinae Muscle Group)
  • Chest (Pectoralis Major)
  • Arms (Common Extensor Tendon)
  • Hands (Pollicis Brevis)
  • Buttocks (Gluteus Maximus)
  • Hips (Gluteus Mideus & Minimus)
  • Legs (Peroneus)
  • Feet (Arch Muscles)
The Body Back Buddy knot massager allows you on your own to relieve pain in the back, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, hands, buttocks, hips, legs and feet.
"The Body Back Buddy has worked wonders for me and continues to play a major role in my recovery from myofascial pain syndrome." Debbie Erkine, RN
"Instant help for my pain. Use it for my back and rib area. Works great for pregnant wife too. I am an inventor myself, so i know when i see a great product. Well done." Joshua E. Facebook
"This company makes great products that get the job done. Highly recommend their tools for managing back pain and keeping mobile!" Dave M. Facebook
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"I got my Body Back Buddy today. No more panic. Thanks for creating such a marvelous tool in fighting chronic pain. I will sing its praises." Sharon M.
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