The DaVinci Tool is a high intensity tool designed to provide relief from extreme tension in the muscles and tendons. Exercise caution while using this tool, it may cause discomfort during use.

The 3 Edges

  • Round Edge provides a broad surface massage.
  • Pointed edge digs deep for an accurate massage.
  • Scalloped edge cradles the neck with six points of pressure.

Occipital Massage

The DaVinci Tool was designed specifically to massage the occipital, suboccipital and the neck. Releasing tension from these muscles will often relieve headaches, migraines and fatigue.

We recommend starting with the round end of the tool first

Place the tool flat on the floor, and slowly bring your head to rest with the tool just under the base of the skull. Keep this position for 10 seconds then rest. Repeat if necessary.

As with most of our tools, the DaVinci Tool can be used to massage many muscles across the body. While we do urge you to be creative and find ways to use the tool that suit you, we ask that you always be careful with the Davinci Tool. You should not stand on or pull all of your body weight on the DaVinci Tool. If the blue version of the tool is too intense, try the softer red Davinci.