Relieve Myofascial Pain with these Game-Changing Massage Tools

Are you an avid gym go-er? A chill and relax-er? Or a perfect mix of both? Regardless of your lifestyle, sore, achy muscles are inevitable and seem to hit at the most inopportune times. If you’re like us, life is too busy to slow down from painful trigger points and knots. Below are some of our favorite massage tools that may get you back on your feet and better than ever. These may just be a game-changer!

Myofascial pain syndrome describes muscles that have undergone repetitive movements or injuries and are becoming more tense over time. When this reaches its pique, painful, sensitive trigger points develop and make everyday actions uncomfortable, and for some, unbearable. Because everybody is different, some experience more painful spots throughout their body while others only feel extreme tension in their muscles. Stress and anxiety, as well as repetitive movements from exercise or work, can cause these knots to arise and do not lessen until treated. And more importantly, myofascial pain not only affects you while you’re awake but can keep you from the restful sleep we all need after a long day. The following massagers can not only help with trigger point release but can be used every day for myofascial pain prevention, and simple relaxation.

 1. Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massager

There are 3 versions of this tool – One for everyone!

The Body Back Buddy Elite is an S-shaped trigger-point massager with 11 knobs to treat various muscle knots all over the body. As mentioned before, trigger points are tense knots can form in the muscle during times of heightened stress or with overuse of a muscle group. To relax those areas, you can apply direct pressure from the knob to a tender spot for 30-45 seconds and can feel the muscle loosen up over time. These come equipped with textured handles for grip and numbers on each knob to make “match-by-number” massage that much easier. Overall, this tool offers a more intuitive experience right out of the box!

For shorter frames, try the Body Back Buddy Jr. with 9 knobs and a smaller design made perfect for travel or a gym session. It’s shortened length allows for easily handling and can be placed in your bag when on-the-move.

The Body Back Buddy Classic is our tried-and-true trigger point massager that’s been a fan favorite since 1995. This original design was inspired and created by a massage expert who recognized early on that everyone needed a massage tool for muscle pain relief in-between their scheduled massage sessions. It’s the same great massage tool without the added bells and whistles.

 2. Massage Roller Ball

Massage Roller Balls are a holistic approach to massage therapy that can fit right in the palm of your hand. These massage tools are great for solo use or can be used for partner massages as well. Perfect for deep-tissue massage, the user has complete control over the pressure used on sore, tense muscles. To further relax, you can use essential body oils in conjecture with the massage roller ball for aromatherapy and help the tool glide over the skin with ease. For those who love cold therapy, place these in the freezer for a cooling, calming therapy called Cryotherapy. For those who need help with blood flow or inflammation, you can also wrap the massage ball into a heating pad for a few minutes for a relaxing heat therapy session. Feel all your stress just melt away with deep-tissue massage right at home.


 3. Wooden Back Roller

The Wooden Back Roller is a well-crafted wooden massage tool that allows a gentle stretch to the spine for improved posture and back pain reduction. Because we use muscles known as “anti-gravity” muscles every day to hold us upright, many suffer from chronic back pain. This massage tool helps to loosen the muscle tension around the spine and reduce the pain felt in the upper and lower back. And while this is designed for the back, many use the same gravity technique and use that pressure on their glutes and legs after tough leg days. For days on-the-go, pack a Mini Wooden Back Roller for added convenience!

 4. DaVinci Tools

With two levels of firmness to choose from, DaVinci Tools allow you to apply direct pressure to sore spots to relieve pain and release built up tension in the muscle. Equipped with three different molded edges, this tool allows the user to adjust the massage technique and has full control over the amount of pressure used on knots. Because pressure points lie within the neck, shoulders, and base of the skull, targeting these areas can help reduce headaches and migraines you may feel every day. While it doesn’t happen overnight, you will definitely see a reduction in headache intensity after just one session. You can also leverage the weight of your body onto this tool so that you can target hard-to-reach muscle areas, such as the glutes and upper back, in no time at all.

5. Vibe 2.0 Orbital Massager 

Another holistic approach to muscle recovery, the Vibe 2.0 packs a powerful, orbital punch. This device can be used alone but in cases of sciatica or back pain, you may need a partner that can move the tool along your lower back, buttocks, and hamstrings to target the muscle tension causing your discomfort. The Vibe 2.0’s oscillating movements can boost blood circulation, overcoming the pain of trigger points throughout the body. You can control the speed of the vibrations and can customize your experience for the muscle groups you’re targeting for a deep-tissue massage.

 6. Accumassage Trigger Point Massager

The Accumassage can help knock-out muscle spasms and tension with another excellent form of trigger point therapy. The Accumassage uses direct pressure on either side of a muscle group to create a DIY percussion massage. The user can maneuver the rubber balls to better customize their experience by bringing them closer or farther apart on either side of the tool. It’s a lightweight design that can be folded down for those who travel or want to pack in in their bag when on-the-go. Many love this tool for neck pain and can be used to lessen stubborn trigger points in the neck that often cause various headaches over time. It also excellent for leg muscle recovery as it can be easily placed on either side of the thighs and calves!


7. Foot Star Massage Ball

Equipped with hundreds of acupressure stars, this Foot Star massage ball targets every pressure point in the foot with a simple rolling motion. It increases blood flow to the feet and can relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a very common cause for foot pain and is brought on by tension within the band of muscles that run from the heel to the toes. It can be a stabbing pain that just won’t quit, making everyday activities less than enjoyable. The Footstar uses direct pressure to these tense muscles to circulate blood flow and loosen the muscles to get the user back on their feet in no time. And while it was originally designed for the feet, this tool can be used all over the body for a targeted knot release technique.


Though myofascial pain will strike in all of us eventually, no one said we must live with it. Try a manual massage tool and stop muscle aches and pains in their tracks without ever leaving the couch!

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