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  • Gua Sha Therapy: Natural and Holistic Health Benefits for the Body, Face, and Mind

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    Gua Sha: Benefits for the Body and Face


    What is Gua Sha?


    Gua Sha is an ancient form of therapeutic treatment invented in China almost 2,000 years ago to treat conditions such as heatstroke, breathing problems, chronic pain, and even the common cold. The treatment involves scraping or press-stroking motions using a tool, often made of a metal, jade or acrylic to scrape the surface of the skin.

    This therapy can instill healing properties in the body and face along with numerous other benefits that are derived from the improved circulation Gua Sha provides.

    The skin in the first line of defense against antigens and harmful toxins, and it is believed that regular Gua Sha treatments can enhance healing properties deep within the body, from the surface of the skin.

    ‘Gua’ is the scratching of the skin.
    ‘Sha’ is the texture that appears from the blood congestion which occurs after scratching.

    For Gua Sha treatments on the body, the tool is applied and scraped against the skin with enough force to produce a ‘rash’. “Guash symptom” is where flushing and a tinge of pain occurs after usage and is a common aftereffect of treatment. It is believed that the texture that appears is the toxigen being released from the body. This bruising/rash typically fades in a few days.

    The basis of Gua Sha lies in the belief that scratching on the skin can serve as a mechanical signal to enhance the immune surveillance function of the skin. In other words, it is believed that scratching and scraping can signal defensive properties within the skin which prepares the body to begin the healing process quicker and more efficiently.


    Picking a Gua Sha Tool

    Gua Sha tools are made from either an acrylic, metal or jade. These materials are the most common because they allow the tool to easily glide across the skin without tugging.

    The Treypoint is an acrylic multi-functional tool which includes an edge perfect for Gua Sha scraping. Its ergonomic triangular shape is easy to grip and the pin-pointed knobs can provide a deep tissue release alongside a Gua Sha treatment, for the perfect massage duo.


    Gua Sha: Benefits for the Body and Face


    Potential Drawbacks

    It is possible that the application of force and simultaneous scraping on the delicate surface of the skin can draw blood and increase the risk of contamination and bloodborne pathogen exposure.
    On delicate skin, such as on the face, an overexertion of pressure has the possibility of causing blood capillaries to burst, leaving marks on the skin.


    Gua Sha Benefits for the Body


    More Efficient Healing

    Gua Sha Treatment can possibly increase the effectiveness of vaccines, through preparing the body for a stimulus. In a study of Gua Sha treatment, it was found that intradermal injections, or injections that are shallow/surface level (vaccines), were found to be more effective through an increase of blood vessel expansion, and increased levels of immune active cells. It was concluded that Gua Sha can increase the immune response from the skin when it comes in contact with a antigen/toxin, through ‘up-regulation’ or preparation of a response to a stimulus. Gua Sha has the potential to “serve as a safe, inexpensive, and independent physical adjuvant for intradermal vaccination.”


    Improve Chronic Neck Pain

    In a clinical trial of 48 patients over the age of 50 who experienced severe chronic neck pain were asked to use Gua Sha on their neck as a form of treatment for one day. Reportedly, neck pain severity improved for the entire week following the treatment and provided short term benefits for chronic neck pain.


    Increase Effectiveness of Your Muscles

    44 male weightlifters received 16 sessions of Gua Sha therapy during their normal weight lifting training for 8 weeks. One group was assigned therapy while another group didn’t participate in therapy of any kind. The effectiveness of the treatment was evaluated by measuring their weightlifting ability. The end result reflected that the group which participated in the Gua Sha therapy showed a significant increase in their weightlifting ability. “Gua Sha therapy can facilitate weightlifting ability, reduce the RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion), and inhibit muscle injury by promoting recovery from fatigue caused by normal weightlifting training.”

    Gua Sha: Benefits for the Body and Face


    Gua Sha Benefits for the Face

    For a Gua Sha facial, the technique is vastly different from that used on the body - the strokes and pressure applied are extremely gentle. In many cases, Gua Sha tool can be compared to the other popular facial tool: the jade roller. However, Gua Sha is said to be even more effective in its benefits. Gua Sha works beneath the surface of the skin, for a deep friction that releases tension and improves drainage for a less puffy face.
    Continuous treatments can increase your circulation which can help clear your skin of toxins and blemishes such as blackheads and acne, and increase collagen production, the overall appearance can become brighter and clearer. It is suggested that Gua Sha can boost the efficacy of your moisturizer, by improving circulation through constant sweeping motions - your product will become more easily absorbed and your skin will reap the benefits. Many Gua Sha participants also report tightening of their skin - after a quick 15 minute session. Start out with a few sessions a week to see what your skin can tolerate, then move on to more if you feel you can handle it.


    How to Perform a Facial Gua Sha Treatment

    Gua Sha: Benefits for the Body and Face

    1. Properly hydrate the skin for smooth application with your tool.

    a. Using a facial oil is recommended for intense hydration. 

    b. Rosehip, Argan, Jojoba, Squalene, Hemp-seed are all great options for a moisturizing facial oil. (If your skin is sensitive - be sure to patch test, or test the oil on a small area on your face before applying it all over. Not everyones’ skin will react the same!)

    2. In an upward motion, pull/scrape your skin with the tool using light or medium pressure, at most.

    a. Angle the tool at 15 degrees, so it’s almost entirely flat against your skin.

    b. Avoid active breakouts/open wounds that will become more irritated with physical contact.

    c. Move from chin to jawline (where it meets your ear).

    d. Sweep from the cheeks to the edges of your forehead, around the hairline.

    e. Do no more than several strokes for each section of your face.

    f. The skin beneath your eyes is sensitive and thin, use extra light pressure around this area.

    Gua Sha has numerous benefits for both the face, and body! Best of all, it is an inexpensive treatment which can be the perfect addition to give your body the boost it needs to better perform, and helps your skin release that healthy glow from within. As with any treatment, no matter how harmless it may seem, start out slow and work your way up to find the perfect schedule and pace to fit your needs.


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  • "Why Does My Back Hurt?" Top 4 Most Common and Treatable Reasons Causing You Pain

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    Back Pain Reasons and Causes Common and Surprising Body Back
    Lower back pain is the second most common disability in the United States, costing Americans $34 billion annually.
    Back pain is a debilitating condition which severely impacts almost 80% of Americans who will experience it during their lives. There are an infinite number of causes for that sudden twinge of pain, or constant ache in your back, which leads to difficulty in identifying a direct cause. In a clinical study of 300 patients who reported some form of back pain, 85% had non-specific lower back pain, where the cause was ultimately unidentifiable.


    Luckily, some of the more common causes of back pain are habits or lifestyle behaviors that can be changed or altered.

    1. Poor Posture (Slouching)

    2. High Heels

    3. Lack of Exercise

    4. Smoking


      Poor Posture (Slouching)


      Did you suddenly sit up after reading the word slouching?

      Both lower and upper back pain can be connected to poor posture - something that’s often an afterthought until it’s directly brought to our attention. Posture is the way the body is held in the position of sitting, standing or performing any type of task that can put pressure on your spine such as lifting or other similar motions.

      Back Pain Reasons and Causes Common and Surprising Body Back






      There are two types of posture:

      Dynamic Posture: How the body holds itself up during any type of movement.

      Static Posture: How the body holds itself up when inactive.

      The difference between good and bad posture is the amount of tension that is being placed on your spine. In a person with good posture, the spinal curves are balanced and tension is properly distributed throughout the spine. Bad posture invites unnecessary tension through its poor lumbar support. The effects of bad posture might not be immediately noticeable, but the negative effects can suddenly arise from hours of slouching at a desk, leaving you in persistent pain with no obvious signs from where it incurred.


      High Heels

      Oh, the sacrifices made for beauty.
      High heels are another forgotten cause of back pain that often flies under the radar. According to The Spine Health Institute, over 70% of women will wear heels at some point in their lives, with almost 40% of women reported wearing them daily in 2003. While wearing heels, your body is off balance and will try to compensate for it by making the hip, calf and muscles tense to support the off-kilter weight. And the higher the heel, the higher the amount of weight that needs to be supported.
      In a healthy spine, the S shaped curve reduces the stress on the vertebrae. Because your weight is unbalanced while wearing heels, your body begins to lean forward and is forced to respond by decreasing the forward curve in your lower back to maintain balance and proper alignment.


      If you spend the majority of the day on your feet while wearing heels, you’re subjecting your body to the constant tension it must maintain in order to balance it, which can result in extreme muscle fatigue and cramping. Over time, the avid heel wearer runs the possibility of contracting “Spondylolisthesis” which is “the slippage of one vertebrae forward over another.”

      It’s no wonder why the cliche of taking off your heels off at the end of the day exists, your body is enduring much more than just the pain you feel in your feet.


      Lack of Exercise

      An inactive lifestyle can lead to an alarming amount of health problems, and also happens to be one of the largest contributors of back pain. This kind of inactive behavior is the driving force for back pain alongside other chronic diseases, obesity, and musculoskeletal disorders. The general workforce of the US has shifted due to industrialization; desk jobs have become more commonplace and this increase in sedentary work life has been a defining factor in the number of patients reporting their back pain. Workers can potentially spend their entire work day in a chair, with limited movement, for hours at a time.

      Back Pain Reasons and Causes Common and Surprising Body Back

      A study conducted among Swedish office workers found a direct link between lower back pain and the work behavior of the average blue-collar worker. In a similar study conducted among university employees, a correlation was also found between sedentary behavior and back pain. This study was conducted among the staff at Qatar University and found that among 479 employees, more than 60% reported feeling some form of back pain. 26% of the participants who vigorously exercised experienced back pain, compared to the 35% who reported no physical activity. These results are common among studies in this vein, Other similar studies that were conducted about this potential link showed similar results, with 58% in an Iranian study of office workers and another 50% in Kuwait. The common risk factors determined by these studies were frequent computer use and sitting for more than 2 hours a day - which is heavily integrated in the average office workers’ life.



      The National Health Interview Survey interviewed roughly 34,000 adult Americans and found “a high prevalence of back pain among current smokers, former smokers, and never smokers and the number of cigarettes smoked between current smokers with without back pain.” Ultimately, there was a significant link between back pain and smoking among the participants.


      The results were as follows:
      Back pain was found in 24% of those who never smoked, 33% of former smokers, and was the highest at 37% of those who smoke daily. The correlation between back pain and smoking grew as their consumption grew.


      The study concluded that there is a potential biological gradient linked to the exposure of smoking cigarettes and back pain in American adults. It is hypothesized that the use of nicotine can alter the perception for the threshold of pain which may cause an increase in self-reporting of back pain. Their findings also revealed the potential that smoking increases “the level of circulating pro-inflammatory cytokines, which signal the central nervous system and may lead to an amplification of pain.”


      Steps to Take

      It’s hard to determine where your back pain is coming from - there’s just too many possibilities.

      Taking the proper steps to ensure back-healthy habits is a great starting point to a healthier you.
      There are also a number of accessible options which can help alleviate your painful symptoms from a back ache. The Body Back Buddy is designed to release trigger points, break up painful knots, and relieve muscle aches and pains. Its innovative design allows people of all ages and sizes to massage hard to reach places effectively.

      Body Back Buddy Back Pain Relief Reasons for Back Pain Cases Common

      Living with back pain can be debilitating, don’t be afraid of taking control of your health!

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    1. Counterfeit and Faulty Products On Amazon: Why to Buy American Made

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      Counterfeit and Faulty Products On Amazon: Why to Buy American Made Reasons to Buy Made in USA

      Amazon controls the US online marketplace,with 50% share of all goods sold in 2019. The #2 player is way behind at 5-6%. So no one else comes close. And this market dominance is growing each year. With such an overwhelming presence, Amazon must have a proprietary vetting process to ensure customers are able to safely purchase without worry, right? Unfortunately, no.

      Amazon may be a giant in the market, but they take a surprisingly hands-free approach when ensuring that their marketplace is not flooded with both fakes and low quality products. Many consumers trust and will purchase products on Amazon without a second though. They’re simply unaware of the massive presence of fake products on Amazon. This is especially true for Amazon Prime products with the Amazon Prime badge so readily and proudly displayed. In reality, these products are simply being housed and shipped at Amazon warehouses. Amazon Prime only means that the item is in stock at the Amazon fulfillment center and the customer can (usually) expect their delivery within 2 days.

      Unfortunately, this kind of hands-free approach is not without victims.

      Counterfeit and Faulty Products On Amazon: Why to Buy American Made Reasons to Buy Made in USA

      Only just a few years ago, an Amazon customer purchased a retractable dog leash on the website, which malfunctioned on use and retracted violently - blinding her in one eye. While this is obviously an extreme case that is a rare occurrence, common problems such as overpaying for counterfeit products, dealing with extremely faulty low-quality products, and the overall loss of valuable time and money are ever present.

      Because Amazon is not readily checking its massive influx of products, it falls upon the everyday consumer to make sure they’re purchasing a quality product.

      One of the easiest ways to ensure that you’re buying a high quality product is to purchase from American sellers who source and manufacture products to high quality standards. These sellers are based in America, provide customer support and are here for the long term.

      We’re proud to say that we’re a manufacturer of such a high quality product. Since its creation in 1995, our Body Back Buddy has always been 100% sourced and produced in the United States. Currently, the Buddy is manufactured in Knoxville, Tennessee.
      Of course not all American sellers are created equal, but it is a strong starting point.


      Counterfeit and Faulty Products On Amazon: Why to Buy American Made Reasons to Buy Made in USA


      What makes a product “Made in U.S.A” viable?

      In order for a product to be promoted as made ‘Made in America’ certain standards regulated by the Federal Trade Commision (FTC) must be met. According to the FTC, for a product to make such a claim, “the product must be all or virtually all made in the U.S” and its “final assembly or processing must take place in the U.S”. Other factors taken into consideration are the amount of foreign processing/manufacturing which occurs during the production of the product, and if it is more than a marginable amount, then said product would not be viable for the “Made in U.S.A” claim.


      In some cases products will feature a qualified USA claim which describes the exact extent to which the product is made in the USA, whether it's through processing, manufacturing or materials. One such case is when a product derives its material from an offshore provider, but is assembled in the US, which would warrant an “Assembled in USA” claim.

      The easiest way to tell if a product is directly imported without any US manufacturing is to find the country of origin label which is required by the Customs and Border Protection - “Made in China” is one example.

      Why buy American made?

      1. Higher Standards for Safer and Better Quality Products

      Simply put, imported products aren’t held to the rigorous standards that the U.S enforces for its products. While imported products are screened and tested by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), sometimes products which pose as a potential health hazard may slip through the cracks. According to the New York Times, in 2007 toys imported from China were tested and were found to contain traces of lead paint and kerosene. American products are regulated by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and companies are subject to a hefty fine if they’re found to be violating their strict safety laws and standards.


      2. Fuels our Economy and Creates American Jobs

      In October of this year, the U.S deficit was at $984 billion, which was a $205 billion increase against the previous year and the highest since 2012. We can do our part in reducing the overall deficit by purchasing products made on our own soil. According to the Alliance for American Manufacturing, “for every $1.00 that is spent on products manufactured in the US, $1.81 is generated in economic activity.” Putting money into our economy not only creates jobs for fellow Americans but helps create a better standard of living for people across the nation. The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) claims that in 2013 roughly 17 millions jobs were indirectly related to the manufacturing sector of the US, and 12 million were directly involved, for a total of roughly 30 million jobs. However, almost 6 million manufacturer jobs have been lost between March 1998 and 2013, the EPI cites the loss from a growing trade deficit between Mexico, China, and other nations.

      Buying locally and purchasing American made products helps prevent further loss of American jobs. The EPI has estimated that every manufacturing job in the U.S indirectly creates another 1.4 jobs in another sector of the economy. If you purchase American products then you receive a higher quality product while supporting the creation of American jobs - it’s a win/win situation for everyone involved.

      Counterfeit and Faulty Products On Amazon: Why to Buy American Made Reasons to Buy Made in USA

      3. Better for the Environment

      The EPA claims that “greenhouse gases trap heat and make the planet warmer.” 30 percent of these gases are carbon emissions stemming from transportation. Imported products have a dramatically higher carbon footprint than U.S produced items. An item imported from China has to travel three times further than a product produced in the U.S - even when shipped from coast to coast.

      In addition to greenhouse gases from transportation, regulations on manufacturing standards also have a huge impact. Since the ‘Clean Air Act’ establishment 1970, the U.S has made constant strides and revisions to better improve their environmental impact across the nation. The EPA official website claims that “states are required to adopt enforceable plans to achieve and maintain air quality meeting the air quality standards.” In addition to requiring that all states control emissions which can potentially enter another state, and decrease air quality in downwind states. Many foreign countries don’t have regulations that they must adhere to; China has become notorious for their air pollution from which 1 million deaths occur annually from the dangerous pollutants found in their populous cities such as Beijing.

      Buy American and Local!

      We understand that it can be challenging to shop ethically, but the impact it creates is immeasurable for both the environment and economy of our nation.

      Our small business is solely supported by consumers who choose to buy American - so a BIG thank you to those who support us and other fellow small businesses.

      Our jobs exist because of you!


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    2. Trigger Point Pain Therapy - Injections, Massage, and Dry Needling

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      What is a Trigger Point?

      People suffering from myofascial pain may experience a limited range of motion and targeted pain from a knot in the muscle called a ‘trigger point’,  that form in a muscle when it is unable to relax. Trigger points cause both pain in a pinpointed area of a muscle, as well as referred pain, which occurs outside the trigger point by irritating the nerves around it.
      Trigger points are the root cause behind myofascial pain which affects most people at some point in their lives.


      Available Treatment Options

      Luckily, there are a variety of options to help with managing, or even relieving persistent trigger point pain. The best option for your needs depends on your budget, schedule, threshold of pain, and overall health.


      Massage Therapy

      Massage therapy is one of the more affordable options to manage trigger point pain. Any licensed physical therapist,or massage therapist will physically ‘work out’ the knot to release tension from the inflamed muscle. The therapist will either apply pressure with a tool or their hands to warm the body increase blood circulation, and release the knot.
      Another less costly approach is to do it yourself. You can use a massage tool to relieve trigger point pain, especially for frequently occurring pain.
      Manual massage tools like the Body Back Buddy are specifically designed to reach any area on your body, even hard to reach areas like the neck and back. Relieve tension by applying the appropriate amount of pressure using any of the 11 knobs on the tool. The knobs come in 3 shapes--acorn for deep tissue relief, round for all over massage and nubs for lower spine. The 11 knobs are arrayed strategically along the 27" frame to access every trigger point and provide all over muscle pain relief.
      Self massage tools are the perfect option to relieve pain between appointments with a therapist.

      Treatment Options Mysofacial Trigger Point Pain Needling Injections Massage Tool Body Back Buddy

      Download our free trigger point guide!

      Trigger Point Injections

      Trigger point injections are another way to solve trigger point pain. This treatment requires a doctor to administer an injection of either saline or a local anesthetic to treat the inflamed area. The injection relieves the inflamed muscle and the relief can be instantaneous.
      Continuous treatments can help alleviate pain, but the frequency of a trigger point injection is dependent on the medication in the injection. If a steroid injection is used then appointments must be spaced out to avoid muscle shrinkage, which can be a side effect of steroid usage. If the injection is anesthetic, then appointments can be scheduled more frequently.
      These injections can treat pain in muscle groups such as the back, neck, and legs. In some cases where a steroid medication is used, a shrinkage of fat can occur underneath the skin, leaving a visible mark on the injection site. Other common side effects that may occur include infection, bruising, and bleeding.

      Dry Needling

      Another approach is ‘Dry Needling’. This treatment is often referred to as the “deepest tissue release” because a solid needle is inserted directly into the muscle to stimulate the muscle tissue. The needles penetrate the sore muscles and cause relaxation, which relieves even the most persistent pain.
      This process can damage the muscle tissue but will also encourage healing by promoting blood flow to the affected area. The needle is a foreign object inserted into your body, so your immune system will activate and a natural inflammatory reaction will occur. The intensity of pain you feel will depend on your threshold. Dry needling causes a twitching sensation, which can feel like a muscle cramp.
      The aftereffects of this treatment are commonly some mild soreness and bruising.

      What Will Work Best for You?

      While there are options available to treat trigger point pain, there is no one treatment that is guaranteed to work over another - only you can know what works best for your body's needs. We recommend starting with a manual massage tool, which is currently the most inexpensive and convenient option, and working from there to find which treatment will best relieve your trigger point pain.


      Treatment Options Mysofacial Trigger Point Pain Needling Injections Massage


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    3. Best Back Massagers on Amazon for 2020: Finding the Perfect Massage Tool for You

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      Best Back Massagers of 2020


      sedentary lifestyle has become one of the leading causes of chronic health conditions. Among the growing list of conditions, chronic back pain is one of the most common reasons for visiting a doctor. Back pain may seem unprovoked, but there are various underlying reasons which can lead to discomfort in the spinal, lumbar or cervical spines. Two of the most common causes of back pain can be found in the average person's daily life: sleeping in an awkward position, and sitting for long hours.

      Owning a massage tool can provide the comfort of immediate relief when you need it, without the cost, time, and stress of making an appointment with a massage or physical therapist. Incorporating a small massage tool routine can help alleviate existing pain, improve blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, and provide preventive therapeutic treatment to help stave off crippling health problems for a lifetime.

      Here's a quick look at are some of the best back massagers available in 2020:

      Best of 2020
      Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager
      Renpho Rechargable Handheld Massager
      Brookstone  672469 Sport Handheld Massager
      Snailax Massage Mat with Heat
      Relaxzen  60-2907P08 10-Motor Massage Plush Mat with Heat
      Body Back Company's Buddy Trigger Point Self-Massage Tool
      Body Back Company's  Buddy Trigger Point Self-Massage Tool
      Chair Back Massager
      Handheld Massager
      Massage Mat
      Cane Massager
      8 massaging rollers
      5 nozzles: Two 3-heads, 1 round head , 1-point head, curved head
      2 heating pads, soft polyester
      11 therapy knobs
      Back, Lumbar region
      Back, Shoulders, Neck, Lumbar region
      Back, Neck, Lumbar region, Legs
      Back, Lumbar region, Neck, Legs
      Type OF MASSAGE
      Shiatsu, Heat
      Vibration, Heat
      • Adjustable flaps
      • Air massage function
      • Three intensity variations
      • Cordless and rechargeable
      • 3600 pulses per minute
      • Simple 4 button control
      • 10 vibration massage nodes
      • 4 massage zones
      • 5 programmable massage modes
      • Lightweight and portable
      • Poster and instructions included
      24 pounds
      3.4 pounds
      4.9 pounds
      1.2 pounds
      • Washable/detachable flaps
      • Convenient design
      • Various massage options with included heads
      • Easy storage
      • Auto-Off feature
      • S-shaped  design can reach any area
      • No power required
      • Convenient to use and store
      • Heavy
      • Difficult to transport
      • Limited to 2 areas
      • Weight can quickly wear out arms
      • Must be charged 
      • Short reach hinders massage capabilities
      • Plush fabric can ruin over time 
      • Overall weaker massage
      • May require short adjustment period
       Will be most appreciated by savvy multi-taskers
      Provides the ideal massage for overworked and tired muscles
      Perfect for those who just want to relax
       Easy-to-use and the most effective for deep relief anytime
      A Deeper Look: Finding the Right Back Massager for You


      Shape and construction, massage type, functionality, and weight should be the main deciding factors when looking for a tool that fits your lifestyle.

      Shape and Construction

      The construction and shape of a back massager directly impacts how it can be used. It's important to be realistic about which type of tool you can foreseeably incorporate into your lifestyle. Generally, back massagers are equipped with rollers for the back, and vibration motors for the neck and spine. Models with massage nodes and spikes are meant for a more relaxing and rejuvenating massage. The more rollers, spines, and motors a massager has, the larger area it will cover with less targeted relief . Chair massage models can be convenient because they're designed for a sitting massage - leaving you hands-free and able to freely work. Cane and handheld models are best for pin-pointing areas that need deep tension relief, and can apply more force than most other models, with the former being able to withstand virtually any exertion of pressure.

      Massage Type

      Most massagers are designed to reduce tension in your back and lumbar zone, but some models are multi-functional and can be used for massaging your neck, shoulders, and even legs.

      Having a brief understanding of massage techniques can help in picking the right tool for your body’s needs.

      1. Shiatsu: Based on massaging with fingers and thumbs. Helps to eliminate stress and muscle fatigue for a feeling of complete relaxation.
      2. Rolling: Most effective for people engaged in intense physical activity. Rotating movements can restore muscular activity and encourage elasticity in back muscles.
      3. Vibration: Improves blood circulation, blood supply, and mobility of neck and back muscles. Enriches oxygen by increasing blood flow, improves vital actions, and reduces overall fatigue.. 
      4. Heated: Encourages faster muscle recovery and elasticity, provides soothing relaxing effect, and enhances blood circulation. 
      5. Acupressure: Targets zones on the back and neck by with spikes. Restores blood circulation and is useful for both sensory endings and total relaxation.
      Functionality and Weight

      The functionality of a tool is dependent on its requirements to be used and maintained.  An electric massager will need to be plugged into a wall outlet or charged before it can be used. While they're highly-functional, maintenance can be extreme and require prior knowledge of electronics or maintenance fees, unless they're under warranty. Handheld massagers are basic yet practical because they aren't restrained to an outlet, and often require little to no maintenance. Depending on your upper body strength, the weight of a handheld massager will affect the duration of a massage. If you're planning on purchasing a handheld tool, it is recommended to find one that can be comfortably supported, without muscle strain, for a reasonable amount of time.

      Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

      8 massaging rollers
      Massage Type
      Shiatsu kneading massage, Soothing heat therapy
      24 pounds

      Shape and Construction

      The Comfier Shiatsu back massager can easily accommodate any seat, making it the perfect addition to your favorite chair at home. It features 4 (8 total) independent heated rollers sectioned around your back and neck that knead and soothe any persistent aches. The rollers imitate the Shiatsu massage technique and provide all over body relief in an ergonomic sitting position in the seat of your choice.

      Massage Type

      The replicated Shiatsu kneading effect shares the most resemblance of any technique to a manual massage session. This rolling massage has positive effects on muscles by improving their elasticity, and has been proven as one of the best options to those who experience regular muscle loading. In tandem with heat therapy, it increases blood circulation and provides the user with relaxation and healing all in one convenient sitting.


      Its seated design was created for multi-taskers who want a relaxing massage while lounging about, or seated at work. The detachable covers make it easy to go from intense kneading to alleviate deep knots, to a softer massage catered towards soothing relaxation.

      Brookstone  672469 Sport Handheld Massager

      Renpho Rechargeable Handheld Massager

      5 nozzles: Two 3-heads, round head , 1-point head, curved head
      Type of massage
      Vibration massage
      3.4 pounds
      Shape and Construction

      Fitted with 5 interchangeable nozzles: 3-sphere massaging node to cover large zones of your back, pin-point massaging node to alleviate deep tension, curved head for limbs, and a round head for an everyday massage. 

      Massage Type

      Effortlessly targets areas on the neck and shoulder, and can even reach the hard to reach area between your shoulder blades. The vibrations ease muscle tension while simultaneously improving circulation.


      Fits comfortably in your hands, making targeting areas in need simple and effective. The cordless design allows for ease of use at any time.

      Relaxzen  60-2907P08 10-Motor Massage Plush Mat with Heat

      Snailax Massage Mat with Heat

      10 vibration massage motors
      Type of massage
      Vibration massage, Soothing heat therapy
      3.5 pounds
      Shape and Construction
      Enjoy a relaxing lie down massage on a soft, plush polyester padded mat that can be folded and taken anywhere. Its 10 vibrating motors provide an effective full body massage which improves blood circulation and relieves tension, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and re-energized.
      Massage Type
      This model is perfect for a full body massage to target any and all sections that need tension relief. It’s created with any user in mind, from those who enjoy vigorous exercise to people who find themselves sitting the majority of the time. Its soothing heat therapy improves blood circulation, muscle elasticity, and enriches visceral organs with oxygen.
      Equipped with a corded remote, it features 5 pre-programmed variable massage modes with 3 intensity speeds to pinpoint your ideal massage. It includes an overheating protection system designed to shut off after 30 minutes of activity, making it the perfect option for people looking to transition from a relaxing massage to a nap without worry.
      Body Back Company's  Buddy Trigger Point Self-Massage Tool

      Body Back Company's Buddy Trigger Point Self-Massage Tool

      11 therapy knobs
      Massage type
      Shiatsu kneading massage
      1.2 pounds
      check price on amazon
      Shape and Construction
      This highly-functional back and neck massager cane is fitted with 11 therapy knobs - perfect for a full body massage to target trigger points for deep relief from tension pain. The knobs are strategically designed and placed to easily reach any zone in need of relief. The unique S-shape allows for self-massaging in hard to reach areas such as the neck and back which would normally require the aid of another. Each tool is proudly sourced and manufactured in the USA from premium, high-density glass-filled polypropylene which is built to endure the most intense of massages.
      Massage Type and Targeted Zones
      The unique design encourages versatility of use, and allows for relief from virtually any area experiencing tension pain. While smoothly gliding over the skin, it pinpoints tension to relax strained muscles while effectively improving blood circulation in the targeted zone. Intense pain from hours sitting in a chair or standing on your feet will be instantaneously relieved.
      The simplicity and ease of use is what sets this massage tool apart from the competition. Unlike other massagers that require adapters or power, this manual massage tool can be used for a relaxing massage anywhere and anytime without any prior requirements. Its lightweight build of less than 2 pounds makes it perfect for travel, and won't drain your arm strength to ensure your ideal intensity of massage. 

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