• Body Back Company proudly introduces the Body Star Acupressure Mat & Pillow, our newest pain relief tool that stimulates the body in a manner similar to acupuncture (without puncturing the skin) by increasing blood flow to trigger the body’s natural endorphins.
  • The Vibe Belt is a heated electric lower back and shoulder massage tool offering affordable pain management as it is designed to mimic the hands of a professional massage therapist and provide you the benefits of a daily shiatsu massage in the comfort of your own home.
  • Designed as a more effective solution for everyday pain management, the Treypoint 3-in-1 Trigger Point Self-Massage Tool is a specially contoured triangle shaped device that allows you to generate more pressure with less force and receive all of the benefits of myofascial release, deep tissue, reflexology and shiatsu massages plus utilize techniques such as guasha, muscle-stripping and cross fiber-friction.
  • BodyStar Acupressure Self-Massage Balls expertly mimic expensive treatments like reflexology, acupressure and shiatsu therapies, which relieve tight knots and sore muscles through applied pressure, increased blood flow and stimulation of the body’s own natural healing.
  • The Body Back Buddy is the original trigger point self-massage tool, a light-weight device with 11 trigger point therapy knobs offering relief of tension and stress through myofascial release and deep tissue massage in parts of the body.
  • Massage Roller Balls are easy-to-use handheld self-massage tools with an ergonomic handle used to effortless apply suited pressure and glide in order to improve blood circulation and soothe aching muscles without any hindrances.
  • The Vibe Dual Speed Professional Massager is a vibrating electric back massage tool, which utilizes oscillating movements to boost blood circulation and overcome the pain of trigger points.
  • Available with soft or firm construction, the DaVinci Tool is a light-weight, versatile deep muscle massager for the neck and occipital muscle that can aid in relieving headaches and muscle pain.
  • The portable AccuMassage Trigger Point Self-Massager allows you to apply desired pressure to the affected areas to release tight and contracted muscles, it is the best massage tool for messaging the neck, releasing muscle spasms and relieving headaches and migraines.
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