The founder of Body Back Company, Paul Nash began studying the art of massage therapy in the early 90’s. He quickly realized that many of his clients needed relief more often then they could afford to get. His spare time would often be spent thinking of how he could provide relief to those loyal clients who were plagued with sore, aching muscles. In 1995, after many years of prototyping and experimenting, the Back Buddy was created! Paul could finally give his clients relief they needed, wherever and whenever they needed it.
In 2008 Body Back took to a new platform called Amazon. This allowed people from across the United States (and eventually many countries around the world) to receive the benefits of our products. We continued to search for tools that would relieve and help those in pain, which lead to the invention and improvement of dozen of new products that Body Back now continues to produce and provide.
Now under new management but with the same values, the Body Back team promises to deliver the highest quality massage tools as well as provide the best customer services. All of our tools have a standard 30-day return policy and if any of our tools breaks we will replace it free of charge!

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Whether you are dissatisfied with one of our tools, have questions about how to use a product or just want to say hi, our customer service team is happy to answer and help in any way they can.