Davinci Tool Instructions

Download a printable Davinci Tool manual.

Say goodbye to headaches

The DaVinci Tool is designed primarily to address headaches, stiffness and tension at the base of the skull by targeting trigger points and headache tension in the occipital area where the back of your skull meets the neck. It is available in firm and extra firm. Both versions are hard and will cause short term initial pain before you achieve the deep tissue release. There are 3 different edges which you can select depending on the type of massage you want. The rounded edge is for general pain relief, the sharper edge is for deeper, more penetrating relief and the scalloped edge is designed to feel like a person’s fingers.

When using the DaVinci on the base of your skull, you should lie down on a floor or on a couch, massage table or bed with your knees up and position the base of the skull directly over the edge you select. Let the back of your head rest on the edge for up to 30 seconds depending on tolerance.You should NOT exceed 30 seconds each time and you should listen to your body Stop applying pressure after 30 seconds or sooner if you feel sharp discomfort. The way our tool works is by letting you drive the bulk of your body weight into tight muscle areas by offering powerful trigger point release and deep tissue massage.

Not for the faint of heart

Please note that the DaVinci Tool will feel uncomfortable at first. If the idea of pressing a hard rubberized plastic tool into the base of your skull for up to 30 seconds seems really unappealing, then please do NOT buy this product. Our returns come primarily from customers who are not patient enough to let the tool do its work.They may be unable to withstand the initial pain that is required before the deep tissue relief can occur.

Not just for your neck
You can use the Davinci Tool to apply healing pressure to many other body parts such as legs, arms, feet and hips. The easy to apply anywhere design allows you to target each muscle from many angles in creative ways. Use it standing sitting, lying down or with a partner.