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"I love your products and your service. I'm giving Porcupine Balls for birthday presents. And, I keep one in the bedroom, den, office and car. Thanks a million!"
Website Customer


"My order came quickly and thank goodness because I needed some pain relief. The Body Back Buddy is an amazing massage tool."
Website Customer


"Great product from a great company who understands the importance of being a customer centric company."
Website Customer


"I have several clients who have neck and headache issues and I have a nasty sub occipital issue on my left side that causes me to not be able to move my head on some mornings. I saw the pictures of this tool online and was so anxious to get it because it looked like what I had been looking for. By the way, I received the DaVinci Tool the other day and I love it. It is wonderful. This really is the tool I have been looking for all these years. It has already done for me what other tools did not even come close to touching and it can do so much more. Now, I keep the DaVinci Tool on my night table every night."
Diane Taub


"Two years ago after suffering from a gym injury, I was diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome, which resulted in a series of knots in my upper back and neck. I was placed on a regime of muscle relaxants and physical therapy, but received no relief from the constant tightness and pain. Sixteen months after the initial injury I was seen by a Physical Rehabilitation doctor who told me about The Body Back Buddy. I purchased and started using it and finally I began to see positive change in my back and neck. By applying acupressure with The Body Back Buddy, I was able to loosen the knots that have been the source of so much pain. Not only has The Body Back Buddy reduced the number and intensity of the knots, but also allowed me to regain normal range of motion in my neck. What a relief! The body Back Buddy has worked wonders for me and continues to play a major role in my recovery from myofascial pain syndrome."
Debbie Erkine, Registered Nurse


"I recently went to Wild Oats and saw this strange contraption and was curious as to what it was. It turns out that your product the Body Back Buddy is an absolute Godsend. I have had upper back and neck pain for years. It is the absolute most wonderful thing. Thank you so so much."
Laura Padilla – Albuquerque, NM


"There are people that I know that have gone from needing Imitrex for migraines two and three times a week to not needing it anymore because of using the Body Back Buddy."
Michelle Missaro, LMT


"I am a student at South Tahoe High School. This year I am the captain of the high school swim team. As you can imagine, I became very sore sometimes from swimming many laps in our pool everyday. In a recent health fair at our school, I had the opportunity to test out the Body Back Buddy from a massage therapist. Right away I knew that this massage tool would be perfect for loosening up before and after swimming. Immediately, I got the information from the therapist and order form to order my own Body Back Buddy. I am very excited to use this tool to help me in this sport as well as many other physical activities."
Kyle Sullivan, Student


"I got my Body Back Buddy today. No more panic. Thanks for creating such a marvelous tool in fighting chronic pain. I will sing its praises."
Sharon McRae


"I tell my patients that consistent treatment is the best way to dissolve muscle knots or trigger points. For half the cost of a good massage, the Body Back Buddy enables a person to work on their tight muscles every day. Its superior design and construction make it the most versatile and easy to use self-massage device I have seen."
Dr. Mark Adams DC - Oregon