A Buddy For Every Body – Meet the NEW! Body Back Buddy Elite and Body Back Buddy Jr.

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For those of you who know us, welcome back! And for those who don’t, thank you for checking out Body Back Company! We are a family-owned business, founded by Paul Nash in 1995, and have been  innovators in the massage therapy market ever since. With 25 years of experience, we have received an enormous amount of feedback about how to improve our products to better benefit YOU.  We’ve heard what you had to say and are thrilled to unveil our newest innovations right here in this blog!

What is the Body Back Buddy?

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The Body Back Buddy Classic received a design patent in 1995 and has been a fan favorite ever since. Over the past 25 years, the Classic has proven to be an excellent tool for trigger point therapy and works like a charm to alleviate pent up muscle tension all over the body. However, our customers are a pretty outspoken bunch and have suggested several ways that we could improve the product…


We saw a lot of our customers love the shape and originality of the Body Back Buddy but noticed that the tool would twist in their hands, especially if their palms were sweaty. To address these concerns, we improved the grips. As seen on the new Jr.  and the new Elite Buddies, we have incorporated large, textured grips wherever you would hold the tool most. This improves the overall handling of the product and allows for more accurate force to be applied on pressure points.


Trigger- Point-by-Numbers

Many customers asked for a more intuitive experience with their Buddy straight out of the box. The Body Back Buddy Elite and Body Back Buddy Jr. now come equipped with a trigger-point-by-number system that better explains how each numbered knob matches each specific trigger point on the body. The concept is simple; first there was paint-by-numbers, now there’s trigger-point-by-numbers.  To ensure every customer can immediately grasp how to use the Buddy, we offer a quick-start poster that helps users to match their trigger points on their body to 11 numbered knobs. The same applies to the Buddy Jr. with 9 numbered knobs.

 body back buddy quick start poster


Stronger Material

Customers and professionals alike told us the Buddy needed greater rigidity and strength so  they can apply maximum pressure to their tense, knotted muscles without any bending or breakage. As more competitors (and knockoffs) flooded the market, they often used cheaper materials and a two-piece, snap-together construction. Because of this, we spent years searching for a stronger material. By 2019, we identified, tested and incorporated a new fiber-infused material that is 30% stronger than our previous material. This allows you to apply maximum pressure without risking bending or breakage.


Body Back Buddy Junior

Many of you may remember the original Body Back Buddy Jr., which has been on the market since 2010. We initially intended this cane for users with smaller body frames, particularly women, who needed something smaller and easier to handle. However, they complained that the hook was not large enough to accommodate their needs. We took this feedback in stride and reinvented the Body Back Buddy Jr. with the same hook width as the original Body Back Buddy. This allows all body types to treat their muscle tension more easily while on-the-go. It can be easily placed in a gym bag or carry-on bag.



We are excited to announce the launch of both the Body Back Buddy Elite and the new and improved Body Back Buddy Junior to our loyal customers and urge you try one.


About Body Back Company

Body Back Company was founded in 1995 by Paul Nash, CMT, NMT while he was working through his massage school courses. He says, “I experienced firsthand the numerous benefits of applying direct pressure to my clients’ tight, sore and knotted muscles. These clients experienced noticeable relief, more flexibility and better circulation. I later noticed many of my clients needed a way to manage their pain between visits. I began the process of creating a tool that would comfortably and effectively treat any muscle, be lightweight, versatile, affordable, and simple enough for anyone to use.” As a result, he designed and perfected our original model of the Body Back Buddy. In 25 years, we have sold over one million Body Back Buddies, have earned more than 9,000 5-Star ‘verified purchase’ reviews on Amazon alone, and have become pioneers in the personal massage markets.


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